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5 to reproduce sound, such as load dependant strain (de-selectable), or Doppler Effect, brings you closer to reality again. The Roco plugs can be fitted to the cable without soldering. 10836 Z21 switch DECODER Manual (2,9 MBZ21 multiMAUS. 0 LokSound XL V4.

Downloads and manuals. Each channel offers up to 16 Bit / 31250 kHz and thus we have finally achieved hi-fi sound quality on your layout. Come to think of it, it is the very same Zimo decoder in my Roco locomotive. The brightness of each output may be adjusted separately. All function outputs and the motor connection are protected against overload and short-circuit. A variable PWM pulse frequency ranging from 10 kHz to 50 kHz assures perfect silent operation, particularly for coreless motors. You can either use two digit (0-127), roco decoder manual or four digitaddresses, or assign a consist address.

To reset the decoder you will have the write the value 8 in the CV8, everything else doesn&39;t reset the decoder. Â They are the producer of LokSound decoders, Ecos DCC systems, and accessories. Edition, May P/N 51972 From firmware 4. The first image of the display depicts “C 29” and then immediately switches to. 10735 media converter pdf manual download.

The huge 128 MBit sound memory assures sufficient storage capacity. I can find no documentation on how to program these decoders to operate the uncouplers with the Z21. . DR4018 Switching decoder 22. Simple connection A separate DC supply can be connected so that the control centre or booster outputs are not placed under unnecessary load. The M4 protocol supports the automatic registration on mfx® compatible central units. Roco&39;s website advises the chip is a Zimo so from Zimo. ESU, as market and technology leader, takes your demands for sound realism very seriously.

For all practical purposes one cannot detect any difference to the original. A class D audio power amplifier with up to 3W output power feeds the speakers with a permitted impedance of 4 – 32 Ohms. It is a pure DCC Decoder, which supports RailComPlus and can also be used on DC layouts. 187 is even worse, sometimes losing it&39;s address and have to start all over with it.

N H15/16-44 Locomotive Decoder Manual (pdf; 252kb) N SD-24 & SD-26 Locomotive Decoder Manual (pdf; 105kb) N VO-1000 roco decoder manual Locomotive Decoder Manual (pdf, 99kb) N VO-1000 Programming Guide; roco decoder manual N VO-1000 Upgrade Instructions; Quick Start for Locomotives with ESU LokSound Sound-Decoders (August ) HO Scale DCC Locomotive Manuals: Diesel Model Specifications. 5 offers model railroaders even without a digital system the chance to enjoy LokSound. All-current motors can be continued to use if you replace the field winding with a HAMO magnet. 5 LokSound decoder: You can download the software from our homepage – free of charge. This is even true when working with Märklin® control units 6020, 6021, mobile station® and central station®. Subject to the type of interface every LokSound 5 has at least 10 amplified outputs.

That’s important, in case you run parts of your layout (e. See more results. Track feedback module for 16 sections Feedback message via current monitoring of track sections Connection via R-Bus Configuration via buttons and POM CV programming. • Never make connections to the decoder while it is powered. The ability of LokSound V3. We are quite aware that you want your locomotives to be as realistic as possible.

There are utility roco decoder manual registers for command stations that only facilitate programming of CVs ranging from 1 to 255. 0 LokSound micro V4. Z21 switch DECODER The Z21 switch DECODER is an universally applicable DCC switching decoder with 16 individual outputs for up to 8 switches or up to 16 elements such as LEDs and bulbs. Z21 switch DECODER The Z21 switch DECODER is an universally applicable DCC switching decoder with a ower output of 2 Amperes for up to 8 switches or up to 16 elements such as LEDs and bulbs. Like all products of the LokSound family the LokSound 5 is a true multi protocol decoder. The volume of all individual sound fragments may be adjusted separately. For OO/HO models with PluX22 decoder plug.

· The Roco 10891 Plux22 sound decoder for sale on their website is made by Zimo. Possible Settings In Motorola** Digital Operationbefore Using The Loksound In Motorola** Digital Operation The Dip Switches 1 And 2 At The Back Of The Märklin* 6021 Base. It supports DCC as well as Motorola®, Selectrix® and M4. Of course, all important lighting functions are supported.

An integral programming mode even allows programming with the good old Central Unit 6021. pdf (20 KB) Playable Whistle Page. Page 61 Please consult the decoder manual for details about the function and configuration options of the CV 29. Of course it supports 14 through to 128 speed steps as well as 2 and 4 digit addresses in DCC format and up to 32 functions. Furthermore the locomotive with a LokSound will come to a halt when a Selectrix® braking diode is switched into the circuit. The LokSound 5 decoder can reproduce up to 10 channels simultaneously.

How do you install DCC mode? Non-Sound Decoder MX600 - MX638 and Sound Decoder MX640 - MX659 Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL THIN DECODER MX600, MX600R, MX600P12 SUBMINIATURE – and MINIATURE DECODER NEXT 18 - DECODER MX616, MX616N, MX616R 3. 120 has pads that have to be soldered on the locomotive circuit board, but it&39;s better than having to solder to the decoder. 1 A steady-load last stage of the LokSound V3. Model Decoder; Roundhouse. Toy, Media Converter user manuals, operating guides & specifications. Make Offer - BR-50 German steam locomotive SoundGT2. Decoder MX620, MX630, MX64D, Sound decoder MX640 Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL 21-pins MX620 21-pins SW-version 26 –.

999 DCC loco decoders Controls up to 2. How much data does a decoder store? That hasn&39;t happened in awhile, but it does happen. 1 DCC decoder for Roco,Piko, Marklin etc Roco 78208 Express Train Locomotive BrDB Ep. 6-pin miniature sound decoder (NEM 651) Art.

3 AC Märklin with Sound 3. 5 decoder stores up to 138 seconds of sound data in its 8 MBit flash chip. This sound decoder is equipped with a pre-installed Zimo sound (sound collection). · Roco also offers three-wire cable, coded red, green, black.

Load control can now be adjusted with up to 10 separate CVs and thus will manage even the most difficult cases. Therefore we have packed many function outputs into it. 5 on, will even be recognized in DCC mode. Motor control of the LokSound 5 has been further improved. Loksound Modellbahnen Pdf Anleitung Herunterladen. The ABC push-pull feature enables the automatic commuting between two stations.

The decoders with PluX22 or 21MTC interface have an additional 4 outputs for controlling servos or as logic outputs. This is transferred to the last stage audio amplifier via four polyphonic sound channels. Controls up to 9. We want you to enjoy your LokSound decoder as long as possible. Three additional Motorola® addresses facilitate triggering of 16 functions. L’indirizzo del decoder deve essere modificato con il CV1 (vedi. 8-pole decoder (NEM 652) Roco HO 10894 $ 34.

LokSound decoders are firmware-updatable. The decoder supports the automatic push and pull movements – known as the coupler waltz - required for reliable operation of digital couplers such as the ones by ROCO® and Krois® as well as Telex® couplers. I&39;ve tried F7 of course but no joy and I&39;m wondering what the notation &39;FA4&39; refers to. · Something that&39;s been niggling for a while - I&39;ve never got the motor room lights to work on my Roco BR103 Kamera lok.

fiddle yard) in analog mode. 5 load control also functions in analog mode, where you can pre-determine startingand top speed. The DIGITAL plus SILVER PluX22 locomotive decoder has a built in NMRA 22 pin plug and is suitable for all DC locomotives with continuous current draw of 1. . It is simple to handle and future-proof due to its updateability. Products CONTROL Decoders. Ansicht Und Herunterladen Roco Loksound Betriebsanleitung Online. The installation into engines with a digital interface is especially simple: Open up the loco, remove the dummy-plug, and plug in the decoder, button up the loco – done!

Look here for old and archived Mobile Decoder manuals. All customary DC or coreless motors, regardless whether from Roco®, Fleischmann®, Brawa®, Mehano®, Bemo®, Märklin®, Faulhaber® or Maxon® can be hooked up to the powerful, 1. The LokSound 5 DCC is made for the North American and Australian markets. Manual in German, English and French. Z21 multiMAUS Manual (DE) (3,8 MB). I have a roco Z21 system, the rocco 10775 stationary decoder for 8 magnetic operated devices and the Fleischmann 611 uncoupler ramps. Instruction manual 4.

• Make sure that neither the LokSound Select decoder nor any bare wire ends come into contact with the engine chassis (risk of short circuit). 0 M4 LokSound V4. So, you can make your own length cable with the Roco plugs on either end to run between the turnout and the decoder. Well, perhaps I could make my own decoder but first I need to understand wich signal send to decoder. What is a DCC decoder? My Roco ÖBB 2143 also has those speaker pads for a clip-in set of speakers.

The characteristics of the decoder are: Super smooth and silent high frequency back-emf motor. Hereby the decoders handle addresses 01-80, stop correctly on the Märklin® braking section, and can be used without problems on all analog AC layouts. The Motorola® protocol makes it possible to run theLokSound decoder with Märklin® stations 6020,6021, delta, mobile station®, and central station®.

See the next pages for an exact summary of all available sounds. After the the decoder is set to 28/128 speed steps, which should be correct for all more recent DCC systems, only some very old units can only run in 14 steps. For these units, the LokSound decoder employs a proven, easily acquired programming procedure. As of LokSound V3. PageHandbuch Manual Manuel Manuale www. The unique “Auto Tune” function facilitates the automatic calibration of the decoder to perfectly match the motor.

All programmed modifications during Motorola® operation are valid with DCC and vice verse. The outstandingly flexible sound engine without a rigid flow chart facilitates a prototypical simulation of all conceivable rail vehicles. Also the sound-sequences are there: LokSound V3. • Do not remove the heat shrink sleeve on the decoder. See the instruction manual for your decoder or locomotive. Click the image for a bigger view. You will find an extensive list of questions/answers that are frequently posed to us in Chapter 5 of this Zimo manual. 5 recognizes the DCC and Motorola® protocol.

ROCO decoders already installed in locomotives are usually delivered with suitable settings. During operation, the LokSound decoder converses automatically between all four control modes: AC, Motorola; DC, DCC.

Roco decoder manual

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